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The Swiss Nanbudo Federation was born in 1991 (even if a few Nanbudo and Sankukai organizations existed already in Switzerland) and immediately imposed itself on Nanbudo's world panorama thanks to the performances of its National Team which won, in the same year, in Playa de Aro, Spain, the kata team competition, male and female, at the World Nanbudo Championship with Gaetano Frongillo, Michele Schirinzi, Alan Rapetti e Myriam Gasser, Rachèle Gasser, Elena Betto. Excellent are many individual performances: in particular the individual kata of Gaetano Frongillo, Myriam Gasser, Rachèle Gasser, Alan Rapetti who are on the podium again.

The same team is often on the podium of many prestigious interstyle kata competitions as, for example, the Interstyle World Cup 1991 and others minors but not less prestigious events.

A selected FSN team (Gaetano Frongillo, Giuseppe Ferrara, Pius Ribeli) was engaged for the biggest Martial Arts Tour through Italy (the famous "Pasqua del Budo") by Master Yoshinao Nanbu, founder of Nanbudo, obtaining an irresistible succes.

Always in those years the executive staff of the FSN is the upholder of the renewal and evolution of the Worldwide Nanbudo Federation - WNF - which today counts thousands of members, thanks to Giuseppe Ferrara, actual Vice-president of the Technical and Arbitral Commission of the FSN who, at the beginning of the '90ies, was the General Secretary of the WNF, together with Federico and Felicita Frongillo still engaged in the FSN.

The Swiss National Team of the FSN is, in 1996, the protagonist again, at the World Nanbudo Championship in Paris, winning the female kata team competion with Myriam and Rachèle Gasser and Eveline Zhandt, conquering a second place with the male kata team composed by Gaetano Frongillo, Michele Schirinzi, Simone Salvadé, winning the female ju-randori competition by team (Myriam and Rachèle Gasser, Eveline Zhandt, Katia Di Ludovico, Rita Brignoni), placing itself in second place in the male ju-randori with the team composed by Gaetano Frongillo, Maruan Cereghetti, Thomas Galfetti, Simone Salvadé and Samuele Quattropani (Michele Schirinzi was injured). Several are the individual gold medals.

1996 is the year in which Gaetano Frongillo is the sparring partner of Master Yoshinao Nanbu for the official nanbudo demontration at the World Championship, and at the worl-known Paris-Bercy Martial Arts Gala, shown on Euro Sports.

Gaetano Frongillo, for the FSN, was invited in 1996 in Zagreb, in presence of Master Yoshinao Nanbu, founder of Nanbudo, to compete at the "Top 8" which picked up the best eight fighters in the world in Nanbudo in a unique category without weight distinction, and classified himself sixth because he was still convalescent and not really able to compete.

We can honestly say that, mostly in the '90ies, the FSN represented the technical "non plus ultra" and the principal referring point, even political, for the Nanbudo in the whole world..

This new Century represents a new reconstruction and reorganization phase for the FSN, which, for all the honourable results just listed, and for the great work carried on in Switzerland, and in the foreign countries, as sustain of the weakest federations and clubs, the FSN proposes itself as the most authoritative co-ordinator of the activities binded to Nanbudo and Sankukai even confirming the presence in Switzerland of others associations, recently founded, with whom FSN intends to keep profitable diplomatic contacts.


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