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The 10th of December 2000 an educational competition for children called "Pikachu cup" took place in Mendrisio (Switzerland) at the sport hall of the Canavée school center. This nice competition, inspired to the world known TV serial "Pokemon", has been organized by the Martial Arts Society of Mendrisio (società Arti Marziali Mendrisio) with the support of the FSN.

Nearly 60 joyful kids between 6 and 12 years, were present with a great number of parents and friends who, with a great fair play, had been fan of all the little competitors.

The target of the competition was to introduce the young martialist to the competition world without having the stress of the competition itself. In fact all the little nanbudokas had to do three different "martial games" inspired to the real Nanbudo tournament. The sum of the point gained in the three specialties gave the winner of the enormous Pikachu puppet.

But all the competitors won something: in fact two nice Pokemon gadgets were given so that even who didn't really won came home with something very nice.

We thank very much the referees Giuseppe Ferrara, VI dan, Gaetano Frongillo, IV dan, who, together with Lucas Gonzalez, did a wonderful Nanbudo show, Samuele Quattropani, I dan, and the referees table with Antonio Luca, Emmanuelle Gasser, Maria Licata, Gaby Monastero and Monica Corti as speaker.

The results:


1. Emanuele Puricelli

2. Roberto Donini

3. Andrea Schneider

6-7 YEARS:

1. Kristijan Pertunaj

2. Manuel Moncelsi

3. Jessica De Vito

8-9 YEARS:

1.Christian Megliola

2. Mario Gentile

3. Sigrif De Vito

10-12 YEARS:

1. Sajo Pepelijak

2. Jessica Cifarelli

3. Davide Licata



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